Thursday, December 11, 2008


this blogger is weird. do i have to be signed into to unseen's gmail account? keeps signing me into it. i hate blogger, but i suppose my hatred is counter productive, so ill give it a rest. do we have a website designer yet? if not, i say we recruit little boy genius, derek w. he's always looking for things to do to put on a resume, so i think he'd be game. ill ask him if we havnt already gotten that far yet. that way, while we are all tinkering away at our own projects, a site will be readying itself for our magic. lemme know if thats something you want me to do. or something you (anna) want to take care of. he's pretty good at creating something from a few key concepts. so, do we have those? what kinda format we want? etc.? - meg


  1. yes yes, exactly what i was thinking. he emailed me and i emailed him back but i haven't heard from him beyond that. so yeah, that'd be great if you could talk to him.

  2. I feel like we should wait on the website till we have a better idea of what everybody is going to be submitting

    I'd personally like it for us to design the website around the individual needs of our art.

  3. comments should work better now--