Saturday, December 13, 2008

too many verbs?

"unseen exists as a sanctuary. 
a sanctuary that longs to inspire a creation. to inspire an appreciation. to inspire the connection; to inspire the reconnection. 
to embrace that which was unseen."  

ok... talked this over w/ anna, the second part is a little vague. but i didn't know how much longer you'd want it, without it losing a mission statement feel. but encouraging a lot of different people with different ideas, and different motives as well... basically i just tried to say that we're fighting apathy, we want people to connect and be interactive with their environments, and themselves, through creation... all while trying to seem a lil humble. 

is this the wrong direction? did i miss the essence?

also respecting meg's note, i wanted to keep it somewhat simple. obv i couldnt find a middle ground, so i need help from a little more poetic people than myself. ha. 

just trying to put something out there from anna's ideas.... let me know.... i'm studying for a geology final... which actually ends up becoming a time for this, so i'll be around.

anywho, rip it up.

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