Wednesday, December 17, 2008

i have cool friends.

alright--i suppose i can do the introductions, since i know everyone here. feel free to adjust this as you see fit. there are people that aren't yet listed as contributors, so i will introduce everyone and if something appeals to you you can email them and maybe bring in people that haven't yet involved themselves. i'll also try and say where i know them from, so you can get some spatial understandings in mind.

avery white: uga. art, women's studies major. photographer and misc. artist. incredibly creative and doing some really cool stuff.
cari ann: found her through flickr. great photographer. see her stuff here.
dani harris: app state graphic design major. hopefully will help out a lot with layout and the feel of the mag. excellent taste.
derek wycoff: app state ids major (??) that does web design, is a drummer, and is generally useful and innovative. hopefully will help set up an excellent web presence for us.
doug blaney: i don't even know who this kid is. ha. app state ids major that thinks about a lot of things and writes brilliant poems and other things.
erin hawley: app state art history and philosophy major that has a superb sense of visual aesthetic and very refined taste. will hopefully be helping with layout and submission selections. (if we happen to receive an immense amount of work.)
gabriel krieg: app state ids major (ish) that is on his way to becoming a published poet and has a strong knowledge of indesign and layout stuff.
jackie karsten: robin's fellow intern at national geographic (d.c.) that does photography and writing and geography things and knows lots of good people to know.
jaymeykay young: app state photo major. this girl is a baller photog. see her stuff here
jay wentworth: app state professor (ids/watauga college) of poetry, all things japan, life in general. published poet.
jessie pickren: uga art major. unfortunately i can't say much because she's sean's friend, but i've heard very good things. works in fabric/3d (?) 
js makkos: cleveland based poet/word artist. effectively insane. :D 
kate shipley: copy editor currently living in merced, ca. grammar genius that will hopefully help out with editing. 
laura henley: app state art major. super talented painter and doodle extraordinaire. 
layton williams: currently living in austin, but she's a uga english major. writer (just finished her first draft of her novel) and filmmaker. 
mark williams: ma in english (?) from app state. prime prose poet. 
matt cronheim: app state political science major. writer of poems and dense academic texts. among other things. 
meg hanna: app state ids major. prose writer, poet, filmmaker, audio documentarian. definition of interdisciplinary. and creative genius. 
megan webster: app state history major and biology minor that writes profound poems and draws very excellent caricatures. 
morgan salyer: soon to be (maybe?) an app state student. excellent photographer with a very fashionable eye. mostly shoots very cool portraits. 
peter lundblad: app state english (or theatre/drama? not sure here) major. comically gifted. as in, is funny and awesome. playwright. 
preston craig: ruler of the atlanta hip scene. poet, dj, collaborator and networking jackpot. 
robin wertheim: atlanta originator, now lives in d.c. interning at national geographic. uga geography major; world traveller and mapmaker. fiercely intelligent. 
sadie starnes: app state art major. works in paint, mostly. and magic. 
sean piazza: app state pr (? sean i never remember if this is right) major. this guy was made for pr and will take unseen to the national level. have no doubts. 
tim donlan: (brother). atlanta originator (ish), now living in manhattan. writer (mostly dark prose and short stories). a bit delillio-ish. 
tom anthony: tom lives somewhere in texas and is an awesome graphic designer that is currently working in the field and has some sweet published work. 

feel free to offer corrections. i'm sure i didn't do any of you justice--

oh. and me. 
anna donlan: app state photography major, currently living in atlanta trying to defeat boredom by waiting tables and working at a photography gallery. i take pictures sometimes. some are here. but i'm sure you already knew that. 

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  1. wow, who knew i was fiercely intelligent. i'm also a high school student (see girl in green jacket):