Wednesday, December 17, 2008

...apparently so. nonetheless, douglas. think again.

so i work at mellow mushroom now

and yesterday i saw somebody wearing this totally sweet hat

and i was like, "whoa, there's a greensboro in south carolina too?"


  1. you could make a map of all of the greensboros in the u.s.

  2. i knew someone from there. why does that say 'no, there isn't'? and why did you post this? :P

  3. for reeeeeeal? well i'll be damned.

    the joke, however, lies somewhere else.

    furthermore, it is a sin against the god of Humor to point to a logical or factual inconsistency in the humorist's setup in an effort to strip the joke of its effect. you should be ashamed of yourself, anna donlan. that's, like, comedy 101.

    i'll change the damn title.

  4. there.

    honestly anna. the things i endure for you.

  5. haha, what is this, anna and doug variety hour?