Monday, December 15, 2008

o hai

alright kiddos. let's get this ball rolling. no moss gathering here.

the to do list included mission statement and then the development of themes. i think that the basic jist of this thing is: unseen is a means to encourage creation. this is open ended as hell, but i think that themes can give us more structure on that.

the more i think about it, the more i do like laura's idea, but i also think that it could be very difficult to carry that out, and i want to avoid potentially losing a lot of time trying to work out the logistics of that. laura, perhaps you could collaborate with a smaller number of people and that could be a submission series? i think that would be really excellent. and give you a bit more freedom with it. even though i feel like you are wanting less freedom...anyway. let me know if you want help getting that set up.

so. do we want to stick with having a one word theme and just let you go? or do we want to do the one element common to each piece or something else? i don't want to impose too much but i have no aversion to just deciding something so we can just go and see what happens.


  1. My Opinion:
    -One word theme is super!
    -Early to Mid March deadline
    -Shoot for a first issue in the Spring.

    gives ample opportunity to work with a layout, get the things printed, and make sure the project gets the word out, in all of our respective places. I mean, i'm going to guerilla advertise all over brooklyn, and when the time comes closer, I can design some fliers and handouts for sure!

    online ordering could be a plus down the road. direct payment into an account through PayPal

  2. ALSO.

    if this is going swell in a few months, i thought it couldn't hurt to develop a t-shirt. remember, my parents are carnies, so we can make that shit. free advertising!

  3. i'm looking to collaborate - that seems clear to me that that's at least what i need to do to hone ideas.

    i like initial proposals for themes - but one word theme, i think that's perfectly restrictive and open enough to really get (at least myself) moving.

    i'll have better commentary when i haven't been drinking - you should see the two paragraphs i just deleted. i talked about donkeys and machines, essentially.

  4. i like what's come about as a result of beginning to think about what unites our respective contributions; i don't think we need to hammer it out any more than we have already. we seem to understand one another well enough to go ahead and begin creating under a common theme.

    let's go with "boundaries." push yours.

    what's next? deadlines?

    (p.s. i also really REALLY like the ad-lib idea, but can't see it reaching publication in the short term. each piece in the line having to wait for the previous one to be completed will necessarily stretch it out. what's a workable format for it?)