Saturday, December 13, 2008

sign me up

I truly love all of these ideas being expressed. I have been a bit slack as well, finding only a few moments to escape to the computer this past week to read over the accumulated emails and blog posts. I must say though, Anna darling (and all really), I am incredibly inspired and excited about all this and very much want to be a part of it. As far as my organization skills/technological skills go--they are horribly lacking—but I have faith they can be acquired :). I am not sure what more to add at this point as far as the foundation for a lot has been said already. As far as ideas about where we can go with the theme and direction of magazine overall–firstly, I love the quote from Faulkner, and I feel part of bringing forth something from what was once not there is shedding light and making beautiful what is there but can only be seen, felt, or sensed in any way at all, with a tender sensitivity to the cadence of the earth and all its life and matter. I feel like this is one thing the world craves without even realizing its cravings. And I feel like it is the duty of the artist to illuminate these things-- To satisfy not only our own individual cravings that cry out from the core of our very being, but because the world needs creativity and newness.—and from the sounds of it, I feel like this is a lot of what Unseen is striving to do. hooray! :)
I like the idea of a theme and us all chasing after that in our different environments and coming together with what we create from that. I have some questions though—do we take this theme (say, for the first boundaries) and just go with that word and use whichever art form we want to work with–film, poetry, music etc. (I am assuming we can post music and video files..honestly, you all, my internet/blog/anything technological knowledge is so so limited)? I don’t know if we have put limitations, as far as what forms we want to use.
Some other ideas—I am sort of stealing this from Miranda July but I love it! --if you haven’t checked out her website, and book with Harrel Fletcher, you should. It is incredibly inspiring–Anyhow, I like the idea of creating specific assignments along with the theme. That way, in one breath, we have us all going out capturing/creating things from our individual environments with just the small connective thread of this one word (the chosen theme). But also, (with the assignment(s)) we can create a different dynamic by connecting us through something that, in one aspect, is more restrictive, yet also, can be fascinating to see the variations that exist by a simple change of space/place/people etc. even with such a strong mutual variable. I like this idea, but please, feel free to disagree. That is all I have for now....I really am loving all that everyone is saying and can’t wait to see where this goes.

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