Friday, December 12, 2008

The Low Down:

I suppose to thin this shiz out, and catch others up, this is what we've decided we need:
  1. A seasonal magazine (about 4 issues/year), something creatively and economically feasible
  2. A mission statement (suggestions? obv. Anna needs to be involved in this (obv), as well as Doug.)
  3. More input on the proposed first theme: "Boundaries"
  4. And I'm trying to line up a solid printing connection for late winter/early spring. This is not set in stone, but just provides a timetable for action--and reminds us a spring release is totally possible-- exciting! Plus, the person I'm talking to gets commission, so it is in our favor on all sides... aka: we may get a discount.
  5. On Doug's idea of a street crew (leaving a magazine w/ contacts). I'm not sure if we'd be able to do that large scale, but creative marketing never hurt anyone. It leaves a strong impression... it makes a person's experience interactive and emotional.
And I'll add these, and see what happens:
  1. Baller layout expertise (and input on here, maybe)
  2. Website creation correlating with the first issue.. could be good to keep possible pre-order people in check... a reference for them, that we're the real thing. And that we'll rock. And something tangible to put on fliers/handouts/ads (Derek on website?)
  3. Image. We need a logo/look/feel that represents what we want to do. This may need to come after a mission statement... but still. Are we trying to have a classic feel? a young feel? fresh? modern? image says a great deal about who will pick up our magazine

Also, simply to inspire... I'm a team builder at heart:


  1. yes - image is very important. let's work on mission statement (or mission few sentences?) first, then image. let's say we should have that by christmas?

    i think anna is a great and obvious choice for logo design.

  2. god why can't all fashion shows be run like that.

    deadlines are good. i was brainstorming today at work and will post that shortly.

    thanks robin...but i'm not all that confident in my graphic design abilities. i'd like to work with some gd people i know...i'll talk to dani and jessie (app people) and see if we can't come up with something.

    let's set deadlines for all of this.

  3. sean, your video inspired the following haiku:

    good god almighty
    what in the name of fuck all
    did i just watch, sean?

  4. hahah i wish i could explain that.

    i think i posted it to lighten the mood and maybe put a little spunk/knee socks in all our wardrobes?

    and maybe pick up a little german? who knows. it seemed great at the time.