Thursday, December 11, 2008

human connectivity


  1. i'm guessing this is avery? let's do a signature after each post.

    and it's so true...i think this is something that we're getting at. perhaps we could include a map that details what we're doing in our separate corners of the nation/world. robin, conveniently, is a geography person. how bout it, bob?


  2. oooo GREAT idea

    i think it would be a interesting way to introduce contributors. i'd assume the first issue of this project will take an extremely long time, so i think deciding on a theme and avoiding chaos at the beginning (which can kill enthusiasm quickly) will be extremely important. there needs to be a theme we can all share and discuss as a group. let's see the synergy.

    my suggestion come up with four or five strong introductory topics (like in that first email), have an email vote, and see if it produces a direction.

    the aesthetics of this magazine are important, but they're just pretty ideas if we aren't on the same page. i don't want to see this run out of gas.


  3. yeah, i'm in. so long as the license for my mapping software hasn't expired yet... also, anyone know where i can get a free copy of illustrator?