Tuesday, July 14, 2009

site launch, yay!

unseenmag.com is launched!

right now it's basically a template for what's to come...my little knowledge of web design made for a pretty simple site. but i wanted to have something to show people so we can start publicizing the mag more and getting lots of submissions.

a while back i made fliers to hang up around whatever town you find yourself in. i'll work on linking it in pdf form so you can print it out. would be great to have a street team to help spread the word.

meanwhile, i would love for all of you to work on some submissions! right now i want to get as much work as possible so we can put out a really dynamite issue.


Monday, July 13, 2009

Sorry to take up space.

I know there are some writers in this group. I'm interested in where you went to school and how you like it? Sound like I'm interested in becoming a writer? You would be correct.

Oh, and where is the website? Is it launched?



Also, has anyone been to India?