Sunday, December 14, 2008

multimedia adlib

i like the mission statement. 

okay. i feel like this proposal is a little ostentatious, but i'm going for it anyway: this is an idea for an entire issue.

the adlib game.  you play it in a group, just a piece of a paper and pen.  the first person will write a sentence then hand the paper to the next person, who draws a picture in response.  then the second person folds down the sentence so only the picture is showing.  she passes it to a third person who then write a sentence describing the drawing, folding down the drawing and passing on the sentence to repeat the thing over and over again...

everyone know this game? 

okay.  instead of sentences and drawings, what if our responses were as varied as our different medias?  video, poetry, painting, installation, photography, etc. etc. 

what if we did this as an entire issue?  it's chronology and logic would render unnecessary too many worries about layout as we would just document in the magazine, page by page, the process as it happened from one creator/contributor to the next.  moreover, it's a theme that is easy to follow for a magazine whose direction and mission is so wide open we risk seeming to readers, not to one another, ambiguous art snobbish etc. etc. 

also - i love the idea.  but!  this is just a jumping-off point, this idea should evolve, i just think it would be a very interesting dialogue.  

problems i can forsee: this would require deadlines, as we'd have to be passing the product on from one of us to another (or maybe works in progress could be passed on?)

it seems a little elementary (although, this is also one of it's strong points)

idea.  i'm not attached to it.  but i think it's an interesting way to start collaborating. 

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  1. i think this a really cool idea. but i also think that it could be potentially limiting to each artist, and i also think it could take a really long time. how do we decide the order of things? also, with about 25 people being interested, the final piece could be somewhat cluttered, and it might be sort of abstract to make a painting on top of a song. i think that perhaps a takeoff of this could be that there is one element that we come up with that each person has to use; sort of like an iron chef type thing.

    the one thing that i'm a little hesitant about is defining what we should be doing with our creative project too much, and thus producing something that feels stuck and formulated. then again, as you've just expressed, laura (among others), we don't want to be producing in a void, having a bunch of random artwork that doesn't really fit together or "ambiguous art snobbish". so i don't know. perhaps i do like the idea of a continued conversation throughout the piece. but even in favor of time of production, i'm just not sure it's feasible.

    other thoughts?