Thursday, December 11, 2008


sean's right. we need some ideas, stat, to get this moving in a good direction. i am still feeling that wooziness of wait,whatarewedoing and so i imagine you probably are even more than me. 

so. let's decide on a theme around which to create work. make whatever you feel like is your desired medium. once we have a good collection of stuff, we'll decide how to put it together. how's that sound? 

so, i'll repeat some of the themes i've already offered up/have been presented and we can discuss from there: 
morning rituals
the constructed self
human connectivity/crossing geospatial boundaries/maps

1 comment:

  1. god anna.
    you're a great leader for this, because you have such great ideas.

    i really like: the constructed self.
    i think it would be great to see how we all perceive that theme, and what it means to us, in a final work.